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Crazy Busy? Overwhelmed? No Time To Tag?

No time to tag? Valet is the way!

We’ve got you covered! Sign up for Valet Tagging.  Here's how it works:

    Drop-off Deadline is 2 weeks prior to our event.
    Email rachelherrera@jbfsale.com secure your valet tagging spot.  We will email you back with your valet tagger's contact info.
    Make arrangements to meet your valet tagger.
    Drop your Valet Tagging Agreement and your clean, stain/tear/worn free items off with your valet tagger in tubs or boxes with your $20 supply fee. (We cannot guarantee the return of your tubs if you do not pick up).
    You may pick up unsold items, donate unsold items, or we can store unsold items for you until our next sale.
    You make 45% of your sold items and your check is mailed approximately two weeks after the sale ends.


Check your day planners and get a sitter!

Which Pre-sale Pass do you want? The more you help, the earlier you shop! Earn 70% and shop first!

If you are a consignor, you will keep an additional 10% on all your sold items (70% vs. 60%). Note: This additional percentage does not apply to Valet Consignors.

We have a few "muscle" shifts that earn double hours and are a great time to send husbands, dads, brothers, etc. Let them do the work so you can shop early! These shifts are noted in the JBF shift scheduler.

PLEASE NOTE: For safety reasons, children are not allowed to accompany you during a JBF shift.


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rachelherrera@jbfsale.com (if its sale time, please text me instead of emailing or calling)

Text/Call 214.763.4265

Welcome to the JBF Arlington/Grand Prairie family!

I get it!  As a mom to a 13 year old and a 4 year old, I know that raising kids is costly.  That's why we are connecting families across the community.  We are all about helping moms help each other at JBF Arlington/GP.  Our mission is to make "YES!" possible for our families.  We can do so much more when we SELL and SHOP at JBF because we are literally supporting one another with every purchase in a safe and friendly environment.